Learning Disability Super League Season Launch Celebration!

Calling all Learning Disability Super League Players… (anyone who is interested in hearing more about this fun, accessible and inclusive sport!)

Join our Learning Disability Super League Season Launch celebration with host Brian Carney, live on What To Do!

Sky Sports Betfred Super League Presenter Brian Carney will host a special online season launch celebration for all 19 confirmed rugby league teams and Foundations, live on the charity’s free activities website РWhat To Do (www.What-To-Do.co.uk) Рon Monday 29 April at 6pm.

Joining Brian for a Q&A will be a soon-to-be-announced special guest Super League star, who will be sharing thoughts on the brilliant start to the Super League season, and giving tips on how players can stay fit ahead of the exciting new LDSL season.

Those in attendance will see exciting rugby league videos and have the opportunity to ask questions to the hosts.

They will also have the chance to share what it means to be an LDSL star, which will give new players or people interested in hearing more about the programme an insight into the life changing experiences and friendships being made through the sport where everyone is a winner!

To join this brilliant LDSL Season 2024 launch experience live,

visit www.What-To-Do.co.uk on Monday 29 April, just before 6pm!

See you there!
LDSL Season Launch