Be Creative at our Crafty Afternoon

Everything you need to celebrate the most beautiful season of the year in our first Crafty Afternoon!

Have you ever tried painting with a straw? In this session we will have fun with our watercolours to create beautiful autumn trees.

Using our straws, we will blow the watercolour across the paper, leaving each of us with a unique design. We will then decide how we would like to add details, such as leaves.

You can use your paintbrush, an old toothbrush, or even your fingers! It’s up to you. Painting with straws is a fun and different way to experiment with shape. For this session all you need are the materials below, and your lungs!

What you’ll need:
• Paper
• Paintbrush and water
• Watercolour paints – autumn colours such as red, orange, yellow, brown, purple.
• Drinking straw
• Optional: some cotton buds + elastic band / small square of bubble wrap / old toothbrush

Crafty Afternoon takes place on Wednesday 20th September at 1.30pm at the link: