The Great Community Bake Off

Everything you’ll need for the Great Community Bake Off on What To Do, Wednesday 18th October at 2pm.

We’re delighted to be joined by Great British Bake Off series seven finalist Jane Beedle for our own bake along on What To Do.

Jane will be showing us how to make Tiffin. You’ll find all the ingredients you need for tiffin below.

You can download a full list of ingredients, as well as equipment needed, and the step by step instructions by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Ingredients for Tiffin…

For the Rich Tea biscuits:
150g plain flour 80p
½ tsp baking powder 57p
2 tbsp milk 60g
cold unsalted butter, cubed £1.79
40g icing sugar £1.70

For the filling:
100g dark or milk chocolate £1.20
50g-100g golden syrup £1.40
100g unsalted butter
100g mini marshmallows £1

For the ganache topping:
100ml double cream £1.25
100g dark or milk chocolate, chopped
Chocolate buttons or your favourite chocolates to decorate (optional)


See you at the Great Community Bake Off on Wednesday 18th October at 2pm. Link:

7. Bake Off 18th October