Launching “What To Do”

As one of the UK’s leading care charities in the social care sector, Community Integrated Care has created “What To Do” to develop and enhance the lives of people with care and support needs. 

“What To Do” was an initiative introduced during the worst of the pandemic to help the people we support stay fit and active, whilst also tackling isolation and loneliness. Through fun, educational and virtual activities hosted Monday – Saturday, we’ve been able to ensure people have access to resources to learn, have fun and interact with others. 

You can enjoy PE at home, become an artist in your bedroom, take the Chef’s hat in the kitchen, dance the night away in your living room – you name it, we’ve got it covered and we can’t wait to for you to join us!

Drawing upon our incredible partnerships with other organisations, What To Do creates an inclusive environment to develop a wide range of skills where if ‘what to do?’ is the question, then What To Do is the answer!